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March 30th, 2007

04:03 pm - John McDermoott does Ron? I am curious...
 John McDermott
"On A Whim: The Songs of Ron Sexsmith"

 Released: March 27, 2007
Label: EMI Canada
Genre: Easy Listening
Subgenre: Easy Listening
Format: CD
1. John McDermott - Up The Road 
2. John McDermott - I Know It Well 
3. John McDermott - Gold In Them Hills 
4. John McDermott - Fallen 
5. John McDermott - I've Been Away 
6. John McDermott - On A Whim 
7. John McDermott - You've Been Waiting 
8. John McDermott - All Too Much 
9. John McDermott - This Song 
10. John McDermott - Thinking Out Loud 
11. John McDermott - Your Guess Is As Good As Mine 
12. John McDermott - Foolproof 
 Juno Award winner and critically acclaimed Singer Songwriter Ron Sexsmith and John McDermott got together for the first time during the recording of the ‘Images At Christmas’ album in the fall of 2005. Ron had contributed the song “Maybe This Christmas” and things just took off from there. John approached Ron about possibly getting a list of songs he had written that he thought might be perfect for John … the results can be heard ‘On A Whim’.

This recording, also co-produced by Ron & John, contains 12 penned Ron Sexsmith written in a sort of crooning style which perfectly fit John’s unique vocal trademark style. With stellar musicians including Brigham Phillips, Jason Fowler, Phil Dwyer and Mark Kelso to complement the lyrics, the results are memorable!

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February 3rd, 2007

11:33 am - Ron Sexsmith Tickets
Just heard that there are FREE Ron Sexsmith tickets available from CBC Radio One for next Saturday's taping of their show GO in Toronto.  Just email them through this link...


And if you can"t make the show you can listen to it here...

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May 17th, 2006

09:21 am - CD review.
Ron received great press yesterday in the Montreal Daily newspaper...front page story and large picture in the Arts and Life section! Story is behind the cut. ON a more personal notes I was surprised to read him say ""Robert had a kid the same age as mine,..." I did not know he had a kid?!?!? I knew he lived with a woman but never knew he had a kid.

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April 1st, 2006

10:43 am - Not to be missed.
To me this will be the highlight of the JUNOs...
Sunday, April 2, 2006 - The Juno Songwriters Circle with Ron Sexsmith, Alan Doyle, Jann Arden, Martha Wainwirght, Joel Plaskette and Alpha Yaya Diallo
Event time: 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST

For more information http://www.junoawards.ca/06_JWE_songwriterscircle.php

You can listen Listen here...on CBC radio.


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March 23rd, 2006

09:19 am
Ron is going to be interviewed this after noon on CBC radio's Freestyle show. You can listen to it by following the link here....


I also found this link to listen to more Ron...


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March 21st, 2006

07:53 pm - All in Good Time
You can download a single "all In Good Time" from Ron's upcoming CD from this site...



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December 13th, 2005

08:11 am
I know this sounds kinda lame, but as I reached down for my small bundle of Ron Sexsmith CDs, to remind me of which of his albums is probably the best - in order to attempt to advise sweetsangria81, I remembered that I've actually met the guy, and I'd forgotten about it. How bad's that? It must've been the heavy drinking that weekend!

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December 12th, 2005

09:38 am - New to Ron

I'm a new listener of Ron Sexsmith ... actually, I don't even have any of his albums! However, I saw him play with Sarah Slean at the beginning of the year and I was just blown away with his performance - he has such a beautiful voice!

Does anyone have any recommendations for a first time listener? Also, I was hoping (and feel free to yell at me if this is against the rules!) that someone could share an MP3 with me of 'Maybe This Christmas'? I've been making a mix CD for work and I think Ron would be quite appropriate!


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November 14th, 2005

10:37 pm - Hi all...
Hello all. I just joined this community and thought I'd say hi to everyone. My name's Joe and I'm originally from Chicago but going to school in Marquette, MI. I have to say I was quite surprised and pleased to find a community devoted to Ron, as he has become one of my favorite artists over the past few years. He's got to be one of the most talented songwriters I've ever heard.

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August 8th, 2005

01:31 pm - Anyone going to the zoo Concert?
Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone in this community is in the GTA/Ontario area and is going to the Ron Sexsmith concert at the zoo on Thursday?

I'm going with a friend of mine, she's not really into him, but didn't want me to go alone.. That was nice of her..

But I was wondering, if anyone is going, did you want to meet up somewhere before the show? That would be cool :)


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